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5 Ideas That Can Help Maximize Earnings From Your Farm

There are plenty of people who think farmers have enviable lives, if you’re a farmer you may think differently.  There are 16 hours days and very little money as your reward.  There are times when you will wonder if you can keep going.  The weather works against you and there are days that you feel like you have been doing all this work for absolutely nothing. The best thing you can do is find a solid plumber near you.

A farmer’s life is far from perfect, but try and find a farmer that would move from the farm into the big city.  How can you increase your income without trying to work more hours while protecting yourself and your employees from horrible scenarios like contracting mesothelioma from asbestos.  How can you make more money from the land?  You need to start thinking not just like a farmer but as an entrepreneur too. If you’re looking for a good farmer for plubming equipment then you should google that as well.  Using methods like diversification you can increase profits on your farm without giving up the lifestyle that you love.

Here are 5 Ideas That Can Help Maximize Earnings From Your Farm ideas that can help you maximize earnings from your farm.  Bear in mind that some of them will depend on where you live and the type of farm you have, so cherry pick the ones that will work for you.

  1. Grow specialty mushrooms

Mushrooms can be lucrative but you’ll do far better with specialty types that are used in restaurants or for medicinal purposes.  Depending on the type you choose to cultivate you could be harvesting your crop in as little as 15 weeks and get a yield of 4 pounds per square foot.

  1. Organize a swap meet

If you have space that you aren’t using, set up a swap meet on the weekends.  People love a bargain!  Charge the vendors a couple of dollars per car or truck and if you market it right and stick with it, it can be making you cash every weekend.  If you live in a warm enough area you can do this all year round.  Make sure that you have enough parking for everyone.  That way you don’t get backed up like a bad plumbing job.

  1. Raise worms

You can raise worms to sell to local bait and tackle shops.  Worms are easy to raise and you can do it in bins, barrels or tubs and the best part is you can have a crop in as little as 90 days.  Raising worms are good for two reasons, first you can make money from the worms and the soil left behind is full of nutrients and can be sold as compost for gardens.  It is super low maintenance and eco-friendly.

  1. Raise specialty animals

If you have the space you can raise more exotic market animals, in most cases you can sell multiple products from these animals.  Take quail for instance, you can sell the meat, eggs and chicks.  Goats will give you meat, milk, cheese and hair to sell.

  1. Rent bee hives

Bees are a hot commodity right now and not just for the honey, but for their ability to pollinate.  The bee population has been declining in recent years caused by Colony Collapse Disorder.  There are many theories as to why this is happening but at the end of the day we can’t live without bees.  If you have hives you can bring them to fields so they can pollinate.  You can earn roughly $136 for every hive you bring.  Check the article “Bee-conomics and the Leap in Pollination Fees” for how much the current fees are.

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